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The Ergoline Open Sun

The benefits of this fantastic looking machine include:
Open for more freedom while tanning.
The Ergoline Open Sun gives you that real open-top feeling.
Tanning as if you were outdoors, no usual tanning tunnel here !
Advanced reflective tanning - which includes integral CD player.

open sun type sun bed

All of the UV lamps are integrated in the sunbed base

Reflector sails reflect the tanning power extremely evenly for a virtually perfect all-over tan

Advanced Reflective Tanning is the success behind the Open Sun.
High-power UV bulbs and the reflector sails in the canopy work on the unique Ultra coating principle.
The Ultra coating only reflects the UV components that are actively responsible for tanning.

Infra-red & glaring light pass through the specially coated reflector sails delivering a balanced mix of both UV-A and UV-B.

For tanning enthusiasts this means a long-lasting and deep tan.
A.R.T. not only does it add a new openness to tanning.
The beauty of this is tanning power without getting too hot.

The Avant-Garde Series:

Ergoline Avant-garde is the shining example of a new sunbed generation.
2nd Generation - Ultra Reflector Technology is more efficient than conventional facial tanners.
As soon as you get in, rounded forms, skin-friendly materials and generous opening angles
demonstrate that the Avant-garde has been designed ergonomically right down to the last detail.

Avant-garde 600 includes:
48 x 160 watt tubes
3 x 520 wall facial tubes

ergoline sunbed image

Avant-garde Classic 700

The Classic 700 for a rich, deep intense tan.
Air conditioning , Voice guide for ease of use and integral CD player.

avant garde 700 sunbed

The ultimate experience !  Outstanding performance.